Northville CSD Budget Vote Results

The Northville Central School District 2024-25 Budget received 246 yes votes and 166 no votes, failing to meet the 60% + 1 supermajority passage requirement. The yes votes amounted to 59.7% of the total vote.

The proposed bus replacement purchase passed by a vote of 254-155.

The two Board of Education seats on the ballot were won by Michael Luckert and Dean Shepard. Mr. Luckert was running unopposed to complete the open two-year term, and received 299 votes. Mr. Shepard was re-elected to the five-year term with 316 votes.

In Northville Public Library news, Elizabeth Junquera, running unopposed, was elected to serve a five-year term on the Library Board with 355 votes. The Northville Public Library 2024-25 Budget passed by a vote of 278-134.