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Advanced Fabrication

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Grade Promotion and Placement Policy

Judgments regarding the placement of a student in specific levels of a course are based on the student’s past performance in the subject as well as the student’s standardized testing record, where applicable. The subject teacher(s) makes a recommendation for the level of instruction appropriate for the next school year. Students, with parent request, may elect more challenging courses than recommended. Such decisions must be considered seriously as changes during the school year could be very difficult. Decisions are subject to review each year.

In general, promotion from one grade to the next shall be contingent upon the passing of all required subjects and the accumulation of the number of units shown below.

  • To be a freshman: Promotion from 8th grade
  • To be a sophomore: 6 credits including one unit of English or Social Studies
  • To be a junior: 12 credits including two units of English or Social Studies, and one unit of math and science
  • To be a senior: A student must be able to meet graduation requirements by the end of the year.


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Title I Information

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